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Expert Teleradiology Services

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Expert Teleradiology Services
High Quality Reporting Securely Delivered at Less Turnaround Time and Affordable Cost.

Key Benefits of Our Tele-Radiology Services

Highly qualified and widely experienced Radiologists supporting our Tele-Radiology services.
Turn around time (TAT) of 2 hours and emergency cases within 30 min.
Multi-level reporting -Each report is cross-examined by senior radiologist.
HIPAA compliance ensures enhanced security for our clients, both against data breaches & information theft
Highly competitive pricing for Tele-Radiology services.
Simple, robust and highly featured software for accurate and fast reporting.
24*7*365 availability of Tele-Radiology services.
Less or No initial investment for starting Tele-Radiology services.
Continuous support system through phone, email, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber and Imo.